Your new roof will be built with a focus on adequate ventilation, from soffit intake to roof peak ventilation exhaust (roof vents). Breathability is essential to a long and dry roof life. It is also required in order for your warranty to be in effect.

Ventilation is the least talked about, important aspect when selecting a roofing system. About half of the homes we re-roof are inadequately ventilated.

Gulf South will always calculate attic space to confirm  a building has adequate ventilation to support the roof system manufacturers warranty requirements.

Ventilation near the floor of the attic (Intake) and ventilation near the height of the attic (Exhaust) is essential to air exchange and should be present in equal parts. Soffit vents for intake and hip style vents or the unsightly turbine style vent for exhaust is the norm.

Soffit vents tend to get covered with insulation, boxes set on them or otherwise get blocked from participating in the ventilation exchange. Turbine style vents are largely ineffective. There are, however, more efficient means of plentiful air exchange solutions available. Many times at no cost to the owner. One alternative to traditional soffit vents is to install continuous edge vents along the eave of the roof, between the roof decking and the roofing system components. Match that with continuous ridge vents on the peak ridges. Working together, they create laminar flow, upward along the inside of the roof deck. It is an excellent choice, your roof system product warranty is intact and you have added a significant energy saver to the structure. Our customers report a 10 to 15% reduction in energy used. Also available are electric attic fans powered by the grid and the solar powered fans that include a lifetime warranty and are very efficient, running only when it is needed; when the sun is shining!