Safety is always the first concern we have as we approach every Roof Repair job we contract to do. It starts with a pre construction safety inspection where GSR&S personnel will inspect the space under the roof deck when fasteners will penetrate the roof deck. The goal is to ascertain where there may be refrigerant, gas or water lines close to the underside of the roof deck and therefore are a puncture risk.

Additionally, on the day the roof is to be removed and discarded, GSRS management will run Yellow and black CAUTION tape around the entire propety in order to prevent falling debris and people from being in the same place at the same time.  Finally GSR&S management will introduce themselves to your closet proximity neighbors, give them contact information and urge them to contact us with any safety concerns or any reason.

GSRS management will isolate the property around the roofs edge with caution tape to inform people on the ground of overhead danger of falling debris. We will tarp over shrubs, pools and hot tubs to ensure no debris is introduced. We will strip the roof to the deck or sheathing to inspect for any rot or breakage and replace as needed. We replace all through roof fittings, exhausts with new ones. Synthetic, waterproof underlayment replaces the old 15 or 30 lb. felt. Starter shingles are installed at the eaves and cap shingles on the ridges. Valleys are lined with metal flashing and rolled asphalt waterproofing to further seal those areas. Special fabricated flashing and sealants are installed around chimneys and headwalls. Proper ventilation area is calculated and ventilation hardware is installed to keep warranties intact. Shingles of the color of your choice are installed to complete the new roof installation.