We are FAA licensed, insured pilots offering free, non- invasive roof inspections and roof penetrations evaluations to commercial and residential properties, insurance companies for first responder catastrophe assessments and underwriting inspections , adjusting services, home and business owners, real estate professionals website designers to name a few.

To perform these Roof Inspections, we utilize unmanned flying cameras aboard the Typhoon Q500 4K aircraft. The CGO3 PRO camera features gyro, image stabilizing, 3 axis gimbal technology to deliver 12 megapixel still shots and ultra- high definition 4K resolution video. We use post production editing software to further enhance the visual results. After the flight we will take you on a virtual tour of your roof.

Eliminate the danger of people on your roof and potential damage caused by people on your roof while performing inspections. The aerial inspection is non- invasive way to perform a roof inspection and takes 10 minutes of flight time in most cases. It is an irrefutable, permanent record of the roofs condition, frozen in time. Your copy of the photos and video is available on flash drive upon request. Nobody is required to be present for us to complete your inspection. We provide our roof inspection services in the Houston Metropolitan area as well as surrounding areas.