Gulf South is an integrated residential and commercial, factory certified, factory preferred, Master Installer of asphalt shingle roofing systems, TPO roofing and all types of metal roofing. We specialize in Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement. Our designation as a Master Installer by the factory, affords us and you the highest level of manufacturer warranty available. We are relentlessly in pursuit of continuing education to keep up with latest developments that help deliver the best product available That, paired with our 10 year workmanship warranty means the best engineered roofing systems on the market. When a team of our roofing professionals arrives at your location to perform an Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement job, the first thing we do is a pre-construction attic inspection. This practice ensures that we have eliminated any puncture risk to electrical, plumbing or AC/Heat equipment under the roof deck.

The best way to put a new roof on your home is to first tear off the old roof material down to the deck. By doing so, we can inspect the deck to be sure none of the deck has been compromised by water (wood rot). Next, we replace the old style felt with a synthetic Water repelling underlayment. It is lighter, stronger and offers twice the protection against moisture over traditional felt underlayment.  Step flashing at headwalls, metal flashing and rolled asphalt in roof valleys, offers double protection in high water flow valleys. We replace all roof penetrations such as exhaust pipe jacks, hip vents and ridge cap ventilation. Did you know that adequate ventilation is required in order for the manufacturers warranty to be valid?

We are happy to install any brand roofing system you choose. May we recommend a CERTAINTEED roof system. It is, we believe, the best asphalt shingle roofing system available with over 100 years of experience and development of roofing and other building materials. Side by side comparisons reveal that the Certainteed product is significantly heavier than the competition. Heavier means more asphalt. This means more resistance to water penetration for a longer period of time and more protection from the elements, for your family and your home. Certainteed utilizes its Streak Fighter technology which offers 10 year warranty against airborne algae and mold spores, keeping your shingles looking like new and fresh for years to come.